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Powerful because it can inform and inspire action. Subversive because it can erode the legitimacy of existing regimes of authority and point to alternatives... [[Analysis Deconstructed|Read More]] ### [[Reconsidering the Legal Position of Protesting]] *Brian Heath - June 14, 2024* >In America and around the world, the right to protest is complicated. In many places, one can protest as long as it is peaceful and does not cause an undue disturbance. However, there are also many places where protests are just banned outright... [[Reconsidering the Legal Position of Protesting|Read More]] ### [[It was so Funny I Forgot to Laugh]] *Ross Jackson - June 13, 2024* >A common retort of Pee-Wee Herman was, “It’s so funny I forgot to laugh.” There is something to this construction that is useful for organizational analysts. Often, one’s work is not used. Management might respond, “It was so powerfully insightful that... [[It was so Funny I Forgot to Laugh|Read More]] ### [[One has a Choice]] *Brian Heath - June 13, 2024* >One always has a choice. No matter the situation, there is always a choice one is free to make. This is a fundamental nature of consciousness. By being aware of one's existence, one has agency. This agency enables the moving of mountains or... [[One has a Choice|Read More]] ### [[More Analytics Aphorisms]] *Ross Jackson - June 12, 2024* >Analysis might inform, but it can’t force... [[More Analytics Aphorisms|Read More]] ### [[An Alternative to Organizational Lock-In]] *Brian Heath - June 12, 2024* >Organizations are incentivized to keep you isolated from other organizations. One may be tempted to leave if one knew what was going on over the fence. Sayings like the grass isn't always greener on the other side further indicate this position... [[An Alternative to Organizational Lock-In|Read More]] ### [[Decorating the Office]] *Ross Jackson - June 11, 2024* >What one places in one’s office likely conveys something. Hauling stuff requires effort. Sometimes, what decorates one’s office are gifts or awards from those within the organization. These are likely there because they were awarded at the office, they are work-related... [[Decorating the Office|Read More]] ### [[Analytics Needs a Purpose]] *Brian Heath - June 11, 2024* >A fundamental nature of analysis is that it is pointless without a purpose. If one does not have an objective, there is nothing to analyze. Therefore, no matter how much one desires for analytics to produce insights and generate a return on investment... [[Analytics Needs a Purpose|Read More]] ### [[Rejecting Enjoyment as the Point of the Game]] *Brian Heath - June 10, 2024* >There are games of chance, and then there are games of skill. Games of chance are said to be completely random. For example, guessing the value from a dice role. Games of skill contain at least some nonrandom components such that a person can improve their chances... [[Rejecting Enjoyment as the Point of the Game|Read More]] ### [[Fraudulent Patriotism]] *Ross Jackson - June 10, 2024* >Those in the right wing of American politics make a production of their patriotism. Nobody waves the American flag longer and more aggressively than those on the right. When one talks with one of these flag-bearing individuals... [[Fraudulent Patriotism|Read More]] --- ### Some Older Posts * [[Trees and American Norms]] by *Brian Heath - June 9, 2024* * [[Setting the Foundation]] by *Ross Jackson - June 9, 2024* * [[Charting the Decline of Analytics]] by *Brian Heath - June 8, 2024* * [[Education as a Social Good]] by *Ross Jackson - June 8, 2024* * [[Dealing with Factually Challenged Individuals]] by *Brian Heath - June 7, 2024* * [[Is It Needed]] by *Ross Jackson - June 6, 2024* * [[Timing and the Navigation of Tough Times]] by *Brian Heath - June 6, 2024* * [[The Quality Paradox of More]] by *Ross Jackson - June 5, 2024* * [[The Failure of Big Data]] by *Brian Heath - June 5, 2024* * [[199 More Representatives]] by *Ross Jackson - June 4, 2024* * [[Embracing the Variability]] by *Brian Heath - June 4, 2024* * [[A Common Work Dynamic]] by *Ross Jackson - June 3, 2024* * [[Societal Hope from the Growing Number of Layoffs]] by *Brian Heath - June 3, 2024*