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Analytics, as popularly understood, is expected to be objective. This typically means that the analysis is free from bias. However, as a human, evaluative endeavor, it is difficult to imagine how analysis... [[Why Analytics Must Ultimately Be Subjective|Read More]] ### [[A Better Way to Work with AI Agents]] *Brian Heath - April 23, 2024* >To utilize AI agents better, one must consider them incapable of performing many tasks in one fluid motion. In other words, one needs to not think of them as human. When one speaks with a human customer service representative... [[A Better Way to Work with AI Agents|Read More]] ### [[A Game of Problems and Solutions]] *Ross Jackson - April 22, 2024* >A fun party game is entitled Problems and Solutions. In this game, there are two bags. One bag is labeled “Problems,” and the other is labeled “Solutions.” People write out various problems and solutions on slips of paper and put them in their respective bags... [[A Game of Problems and Solutions|Read More]] ### [[Finding Joy in the Imperfect]] *Brian Heath - April 22, 2024* >When listening closely to a person playing an instrument, one will often hear things not part of the song. Examples include the movement of the fingers over the strings of a guitar, the deep breath of a trumpet player, the turning of a page, and the occasional cough... [[Finding Joy in the Imperfect|Read More]] ### [[Solidarity and Selfishness]] *Ross Jackson - April 21, 2024* >Solidarity understood as the awareness of shared interests resulting in unity within a class of people, is difficult to achieve and maintain. When thinking about solidarity, examining how selfishness can foster and hinder it is beneficial... [[Solidarity and Selfishness|Read More]] ### [[The Hubris of Creation]] *Brian Heath - April 21, 2024* >Humans are incapable of creation. The act of making something out of nothing is universally beyond us. Everything we have 'created' is the synthesizing of things together into a newly recognized entity. This applies to works of art, theories, and children... [[The Hubris of Creation|Read More]] ### [[A Lack of Working Class Solidarity is THE Problem]] *Ross Jackson - April 20, 2024* >As defined by Marx, a class is a group that shares a common economic interest, is conscious of those interests, and engages in collective action to advance those interests. Most Americans are working class, meaning they derive most of their income from direct labor... [[A Lack of Working Class Solidarity is THE Problem|Read More]] ### [[Beyond Recall and Pattern Recognition]] *Brian Heath - April 20, 2024* >Many observations about human behavior exist, but the mechanisms behind these behaviors are primarily unknown. We can easily observe and document behavior actions, but we often lack the methodologies to identify how a stimulus transformed into a particular response... [[Beyond Recall and Pattern Recognition|Read More]] ### [[Lost Opportunities]] *Brian Heath - April 19, 2024* >Where do the best and brightest of one's generation focus? Is it politics, physics, education, diplomacy, philosophy, social justice, and the arts? Or is it business enterprises? There is certainly an overlap between all of these, but where a generation focuses... [[Lost Opportunities|Read More]] ### [[Taking Breaks]] *Ross Jackson - April 17, 2024* >It is important to take breaks. Too much of one thing is fatiguing. It’s beneficial to allow one’s mind and body to disengage from one way of being and engage in another. This used to be somewhat automatic. In grade school, one had recess breaks throughout the day... [[Taking Breaks|Read More]] ### [[Beyond Scientific Methods]] *Brian Heath - April 17, 2024* >One will find endless contradictions if one explores the widespread coverage of nutrition health. This is well-known. Sometimes eggs are good, and sometimes eggs are bad. What needs to be more well-known is why these contradictions exist... [[Beyond Scientific Methods|Read More]] ### [[Ignorance and Creativity]] *Ross Jackson - April 16, 2024* >Repetition makes creativity challenging. Knowing what to do and how to do it allows one to execute work efficiently. This efficiency isn’t conducive to creativity. Ignorance is. Not knowing what to do or how to do it provides an opportunity to create something new... [[Ignorance and Creativity|Read More]] ### [[The Real-Imaginary Future]] *Brian Heath - April 15, 2024* >Imagination is a powerful force. It allows us to explore possibilities and experience the fantastic. For some, the power of imagination propels them to build something in reality. For others, it is an escape from the suffering of the here and now... [[The Real-Imaginary Future|Read More]] ### [[Following the Crowd versus Rebelling]] *Brian Heath - April 14, 2024* >There are so many theories out there that it is often difficult to know which ones are useful. As social animals, we usually look to others for guidance. What are the dominant theories among one's friends and family? What are people saying online... [[Following the Crowd versus Rebelling|Read More]] ### [[Continuously Reducing Effort]] *Ross Jackson - April 13, 2024* >Working today is easier than it has been historically. Easier might be too abstract. Work today requires less physical exertion. Advancements in AI require less mental exertion as well. In short, we are continuously reducing the work effort... [[Continuously Reducing Effort|Read More]] ### [[The Human Source Code]] *Brian Heath - April 12, 2024* >When I am truly engaged in a problem, I think a lot about it, even when I don't want to. I'll wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the problem, running through mental simulations, and examining the problem's core principles. This is not something anyone has taught me... [[The Human Source Code|Read More]] ### [[A Potent Mixture]] *Ross Jackson - April 12, 2024* >People and managers are different. These differences include personality characteristics and the degree to which those characteristics are present. One might be nice, intelligent, industrious, generous, or diligent. There are any number of potential combinations... [[A Potent Mixture|Read More]] ### [[The Personality Test with the Highest Business ROI]] *Brian Heath - April 11, 2024* >Here's a trick that works on nearly every modern American business employee and potentially any employee working within the modern American business paradigm. First, have them take a test asking them what they do and don't like... [[The Personality Test with the Highest Business ROI|Read More]] ### [[What Does It Take to Succeed]] *Ross Jackson - April 10, 2024* >When a person asks, “What does it take to succeed,” the responses are often focused on recipe-like items one can do to increase the probability of success. Things like working hard, having a positive attitude, always doing more, showing up early... [[What Does It Take to Succeed|Read More]] ### [[The Infusion of Thinking into Organizations]] *Brian Heath - April 10, 2024* >Working within an organization tends to limit one's ability to think and experience things outside the organization. Suppose one spends 40 hours per week working within an organization. In that case, one has very little time to think about anything other than the organization... [[The Infusion of Thinking into Organizations|Read More]] ### [[Story Time]] *Ross Jackson - April 9, 2024* >People tend to enjoy stories. Some go to movies; others read books. Some watch a streaming service; others listen to podcasts. Children at school tend to listen to the stories being read. It is like stories are an essential part of human existence... [[Story Time|Read More]] --- ### Some Older Posts * [[A Modern American Business Dialogue]] by *Brian Heath - April 9, 2024* * [[An Astrologer's Moment in the Sun]] by *Ross Jackson - April 8, 2024* * [[The Wisdom of Professional Wrestling]] by *Brian Heath - April 8, 2024* * [[Creating Joy and Truth via the Absurd]] by *Brian Heath - April 7, 2024* * [[The Office of Tomorrow]] by *Ross Jackson - April 7, 2024* * [[The Genetic End of Ideas]] by *Brian Heath - April 6, 2024* * [[The Pass]] by *Ross Jackson - April 6, 2024* * [[Don't and Do Measure What Matters]] by *Brian Heath - April 5, 2024* * [[Making Decisions]] by *Ross Jackson - April 5, 2024* * [[The Lack of Innovation and Despair]] by *Brian Heath - April 4, 2024* * [[Transitions]] by *Ross Jackson - April 3, 2024* * [[Hybrid Work is not the Answer]] by *Brian Heath - April 3, 2024*