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Within the context of the known Universe, one could take either position. If one believes that there are massive numbers of galaxies, stars, and planets, the odds are high that intelligent life exists elsewhere... [[Universal Specialness and Games|Read More]] ### [[Temperament and Success]] *Ross Jackson - July 23, 2024* >Warren Buffett explained that being a good investor comes down to temperament rather than intelligence. Buffett identified two elements helping one invest: calmness and the ability to not be “in the pack” or against it. Reflecting on these aspects... [[Temperament and Success|Read More]] ### [[Environmental Nothingness]] *Brian Heath - July 22, 2024* >When one cares about something, one tends to look for actions that support that thing. Parents take action to care for their children, a car enthusiast regularly washes and wax their cars, and the health-conscious watch what they eat. So, when it comes to those who care about... [[Environmental Nothingness|Read More]] ### [[Writing for Action]] *Ross Jackson - July 20, 2024* >Writing has a great deal of benefits. Whether in a journal or a blog, taking time to write can help one define and develop one’s thinking. Whereas this type of writing is beneficial, one should ponder writing for action... [[Writing for Action|Read More]] ### [[Going Beyond the Mode of General Knowledge]] *Brian Heath - July 19, 2024* >One cannot know everything. The more one dives into the details of a subject; the more one realizes how little they knew before and how little they know about other subjects. But what of the internet and Generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT)? Do these technologies "know" everything... [[Going Beyond the Mode of General Knowledge|Read More]] ### [[Ruler of the Dispossessed]] *Ross Jackson - July 19, 2024* >Predicting the future is a complex task. It is challenging to avoid extending too much of the present into the envisioned future. When people ascend, there is a tendency to imagine the future as the present, except with oneself in a position of greater power... [[Ruler of the Dispossessed|Read More]] ### [[A National Reflection]] *Brian Heath - July 18, 2024* >The wealth of the United States (US) cannot be overstated. We've only begun to tap into the potential. Compared to other nations, the US is hardly efficient in processing its natural resources and geopolitical power. And yet, it is still an economic and global superpower... [[A National Reflection|Read More]] ### [[Determining What Matters]] *Ross Jackson - July 17, 2024* >When rational, organizational decisions are based on some assessment of value. Often, these are analyzed in terms of cost. An interesting aspect of organizational decision-making is that it is usually different, in terms of content, from how individuals make decisions... [[Determining What Matters|Read More]] ### [[Exchanging Hope for Money and Doing Nothing]] *Brian Heath - July 17, 2024* >Many people and organizations claim they want to improve the world somehow. Even if we remove those with questionable motives, the number of nonprofits and people supporting them indicates a significant desire to improve things. However, there is a dark side to this,... [[Exchanging Hope for Money and Doing Nothing|Read More]] ### [[Effective Disagreements]] *Ross Jackson - July 16, 2024* >There is an art to disagreeing without being disagreeable. Many of us are ineffective at navigating the complexities of disagreements. This is unfortunate, as there is excellent potential for disagreeing. People have different perspectives. Things appear differently... [[Effective Disagreements|Read More]] ### [[Where Pictures Take Us]] *Brian Heath - July 16, 2024* >We often take pictures to remember a moment in time. Years later, these pictures jog our memories, and in some small way, we relive the experience. However, some have pointed out that taking these pictures at the moment spoils the full-in-the-moment experience... [[Where Pictures Take Us|Read More]] ### [[Unsurprising System Events]] *Ross Jackson - July 15, 2024* >Systems shape and constrain action. If the parameters of a system are understood, a simulation can be used to model system dynamics and outcomes. A system will generate both positive and negative outcomes. Often, these outcomes are unsurprising... [[Unsurprising System Events|Read More]] ### [[Unthirsty Thirsty Horses]] *Brian Heath - July 15, 2024* >As the saying goes, one can only lead a horse to water but cannot force them to drink. However, this is only part of the situation as the horse often says they are thirsty but still refuses to drink. In this case, the horse is not thirsty. They only say they are thirsty because... [[Unthirsty Thirsty Horses|Read More]] ### [[Make Work Better]] *Ross Jackson - July 13, 2024* >Labor used to consist of a 72-hour work week. This was reduced to 60 and then to 40. While many work more than 40 hours, the 40-hour work week is still considered the general employment standard. The 40-hour week was made the standard in 1940... [[Make Work Better|Read More]] ### [[Organizational Culture]] *Ross Jackson - July 12, 2024* >Much focus is given to organizational culture. Whereas this focus is understandable, it is often too vague to be useful. A narrower focus might provide more potential benefits. A part of organizational culture that is definable, measurable, and able to be changed... [[Organizational Culture|Read More]] ### [[System - Reform or Revolution|System: Reform or Revolution?]] *Ross Jackson - July 11, 2024* >Systemic injustices are difficult for societies to address. There are a variety of reasons for this. The most immediate reason is that systems exist to benefit and perpetuate a given power regime. The system in operation is always the system of the status quo... [[System - Reform or Revolution|Read More]] ### [[The Construction of Nations]] *Brian Heath - July 11, 2024* >Any American who travels around Europe will quickly see just how little history America has in comparison. Astute travelers will also see how much this history tends to bind countries and their identities. But not all are this way. Many have found ways of existing beyond... [[The Construction of Nations|Read More]] --- ### Some Older Posts * [[The What and How of Communication]] by *Ross Jackson - July 10, 2024* * [[Zombie Organizations]] by *Brian Heath - July 10, 2024* * [[The Long Road to Solidarity via Population Dynamics]] by *Brian Heath - July 9, 2024* * [[The Quiet Workplace Revolution]] by *Brian Heath - July 8, 2024* * [[The Information in the Rocks]] by *Brian Heath - July 7, 2024* * [[Work and Society]] by *Ross Jackson - July 5, 2024* * [[Happy 4th of July]] by *Ross Jackson - July 4, 2024* * [[Dark Predictions]] by *Brian Heath - July 3, 2024* * [[The Arc is Long]] by *Ross Jackson - July 3, 2024* * [[During and Between Transitions]] by *Brian Heath - July 2, 2024* * [[When Institutions of Power Err]] by *Ross Jackson - July 2, 2024* * [[From Idioms to Aphorisms]] by *Brian Heath - July 1, 2024* * [[There is Always Something to Celebrate]] by *Ross Jackson - June 20, 2024*